She's Sleeping

by Thailan When

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production: DJ Werd


I can hear the silent cries of my soul at night
wishing change would come
so I could take flight
nature of a woman I cannot define
a definition of me can only come from my mind
seasons strange, babies came and I am not to blame
control of the heavens by creating the stars
born to shoot, but really how far?
look at my reflection
who do you see?
I am a woman that lives and bleeds
focus is a virtue, liberty is a statue
land of the free, and home to my mother
I'm walking in the shadows of my fathers and brother
no force could rest with this fate
femme fatale, blessed as the bait
you took it, hook, line and sinker
in the heat of passion I became the thinker
I tinkered with boys’ toys
and took a moment to understand
why I was born a woman, and he was born a man
do you ever wonder what it's like to be me?
don't trip
I'm not talking simple sexuality

I am walking in the shadows of shadows
but the light is coming soon...

dimmed dawns, loves lost
I yawn, gender holocaust
tired of the role
I'm crying because she's dying
but don't bother to console
I can tolerate the ups and downs from love to hate
through dark alleys I walk at night alone
sometimes lonely but mostly at home
street lamps like a mother's embrace
I can feel her touch, can't remember her face
she cries in silence
a moment from time capsules of ages past
I recognize with these eyes that I am not the first

nor will I be the last
woman, flexible to change
feminine to masculine, I can rearrange
falling into the reality of where I stand
I was born a woman, and he was born a man

innocent, smelled on the breath of an infant
direct descendant, of eye and I
I deny all laws of gravity with unknown ability I fly
high in thought is how I get high
universes dispersed in the abyss of my uterus
I am a God, anonymous

I am walking in the shadows of shadows
but the light is coming soon
we have seen the strength of the sun
through reflections of the moon

I look back, I look back, and again I look back
warmed by the fires of my desire
to the point of melting
consumed until I heard the last bell ring
saved by it, once a slave but I defy it
words connect, time project, God is erect
from blue depths of her sky
in the moment, so why try and cry?
by words alone we cannot be defined
like birds we roam in the open night sky
spiraling through movement of the pendulum
fluid formations, do you remember them?
patterns played through his vision
without her essence there was a division
of the voice to the sound
the choice to be bound...or free
it takes more than one to achieve unity

she is flying in the shadows of shadows
but the light is coming soon...
I had a dream tonight
there was a moonbow at the peak of my flight


released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Thailan When Oakland, California

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